Url Shortener Script Download

How To Download Link Shortener Script

You can download the link shortener script here.You will see a lot of features in this script. Url shortener script download.

Link Shortener Script Features

  • Secure Admin Panel Include
  • Spam Checker Add
  • All Inputs are validated for protection
  • Simple, Elegant, Responsive Design
  • Create Custom URLs
  • Password Protected Links Available
  • Link Statistics
  • Copy & Share Your Link
  • Edit Website Settings
  • Add or Edit Ads
  • Simple 2-step installation
  • 100% Responsive for Mobile
  • Members can change their name, email and password
  • Upload Avatar
  • Font Awesome & Material Design Icons
  • Payout option
  • Integrate payment methods Added
  • Refer and Earn systems
  • SQL Database Add
  • Quality, quick support 

Installation Process Video

Shortener Script Install Steps By Steps

  1. Open the Hosting C-Panel
  2. Click on File Manager Button
url link shortener script
url shortener script

3.Upload all the files in Public-html Folder.

Short link

4.Here you can see the files.

5.Create MySQL New Database

6.Create New Database

7.Add the users

8.Open your domain url and setup the database

If you have trouble setting up database ,Then you can watch the video.

Free custom URL Shortener with numerous highlights that gives you better quality for joins shortening. Abbreviated URLs won’t ever lapse. We don’t show advertisements during direct diverting to the first url.Short URL at is a free apparatus to abbreviate a URL or decrease a connection.Url Shortener Script Download

Utilize our URL Shortener to make an abbreviated connection making it simple to remember.Your abbreviated URLs can be utilized in distributions, commercials, web journals, discussions, messages, texts, and different areas. Track insights for your business and undertakings by checking the quantity of hits from your URL with the snap counter, you don’t need to Registered permits to decrease long connections from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Connected In and top destinations on the Web, simply glue the long URL and snap the Abbreviate URL button. On the following screen, duplicate the abbreviated URL and offer it on sites, talk and email. In the wake of shortening the URL, check the number of snaps it got.

Clearly the capacity of simply lessening connects to make them more modest isn’t the focal point of this linker, and this crowd being referred to isn’t the objective of the organization. Url Shortener Script Download

The individuals who will utilize AdFly are Web clients, going from the basic to the most exceptional, for example,

Long range informal communication clients (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter)

Computerized Influencers (Bloggers, YouTubers, )

On the off chance that you fit into any of these choices above, and are hoping to bring in cash shortening joins, at that point here is an incredible choice for you.

Benifits Of Url Shortener Script Download

  • Can abbreviate more than 42 billion remarkable URLs in 6 or less characters (it can accomplish more than 12,000,000 in just 4!)
  • Super quick—utilizes next to no worker assets.Url Shortener Script Download
  • Incorporates a Programming interface so you can make your own short URLs on the fly
  • Choice to turn clickthru following on and off
  • Choice to restrict utilization to 1 IP address for individual use and to forestall spamming from others
  • Just uses alphanumeric characters so everything programs can decipher the URL
  • Secure—a few information channels set up to forestall SQL infusion hacks
  • Choice to check if the URL is genuine (doesn’t react with a 404) preceding shortening
  • Utilization 301 sidetracks for Website design enhancement and investigation yumminess.
  • Choice to store a neighborhood reserve to forestall information base inquiries on each divert
  • Choice to change the characters permitted in an abbreviated url Shortener Script Download

How to download shorten URL Script for free

url shortener script

It explains how you can download a good url shortener script

paid url shorten script

In this article you can easily find best url shorten premium script.

Whatsapp Support [Url Shortener Script Download]

I will give you my Whatsapp number after you buy this script.My whatsapp number is in the script folder.

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